Esports for Everyone.
Effortlessly organize - and smoothly participate in - online esports tournaments for small to medium-sized games.

A Headache for Everyone

Online esports tournaments are often hosted by individual gamers using their precious free time and resources running tedious manual workflows to manage the events.

Participants often have little guidance and are left uncertain about the status of the tournament.

Etournity’s goal is to get rid of these unnecessary headaches!

A One-Stop Shop

With Etournity’s esports tournament platform, we’ll enable anyone to effortlessly organize - and participate in - online esports tournaments. No matter the individual’s prior background, our intuitively usable service will allow for a smooth organizing and transitionless participation experience. We are aiming to reach these goals through two major featuresets, one for each user group. The Hub for the organizers and the match lobby for the participants.

The Hub

Best Overview of Tasks

The Hub automates all essential tasks and provides a real-time overview to the organizer – saving time, reducing complexity and, most of all, making things fun again.

The Match Lobby

Intuitive Participation

The Match Lobby serves as a guide for participants, leading you through every step of the tournament with clarity and ease. It reduces uncertainty about what comes next and gives you better control of your time.

What Makes Us Different to Competitors?

Current tournament platforms either put too much focus on individual matches and site-hosted tournaments instead of  community-hosted ones, fail to include participants enough in the tournament workflow or are way too difficult to understand, thus not solving the organizer’s problems.

Etournity’s approach is all about enabling individual gaming communities to host their tournaments effortlessly by motivating every community member to do their necessary tasks inside any given tournament. And all of this without needing prior experience!

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Enter the ALPHA!
It's a pre-release of the tournament platform currently scheduled for mid 2021. The core features will be implemented and first basic tournaments can be organized for a limited amount of games!
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