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Twitch Streams

We want to talk and play with you! Join us every Friday for fun gaming sessions with our team on Twitch - starting at 4pm. The idea is to have a common start into the weekend by playing multiplayer games and spamming Kappa in chat - and you are invited! In every stream we are aiming to include individual community members either for a round or 30 minutes - whichever makes most sense for the specific game - to give a public platform for conversations and to get to know you better.

Fair Play

GLHF and GG - the basic way of acknowledging the opponent's skill and spread friendly vibes. It's not a secret that some online communities are considered toxic in their player-to-player communication and some take anti-cheat more seriously than others. With our "Fair Play" approach, Etournity aims to make a positive mark on the gaming community by promoting friendly behavior on our platform. Only then can we create an open-minded platform whose members are supporting each other to bring out their best and live a more fulfilled life.

Etournity Tournaments

Once a month, our team is hosting an Etournity community tournament. Join as a participant or watch our livestream on Twitch! Newly developed features are going to be used for every tournament, so we can directly test them and gather your feedback. We will host a variety of games over the upcoming months, starting with CS:GO. Interested in joining? Check out our Twitter for more info!

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Community-Driven Design

Tournament organizers have a difficult time efficiently organizing with other platforms. That's why we are building the Etournity tournament platform. We want to find solutions for our users. How could we do that without a strong bond to you, our community? So we want to get in contact with you! No matter your prior experience in tournaments or even gaming in general, your input is crucial to the success of our long-term vision. Take part in short interviews, feedback sessions, quick surveys or simply communicate your own ideas!

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Enter the ALPHA!
It's a pre-release of the tournament platform currently scheduled for mid 2021. The core features will be implemented and first basic tournaments can be organized for a limited amount of games!
We'll send you an email once everything is ready.
Thank you! Looking forward to more interactions with you!
Oops! You might want to check that address again - or you're gonna miss out on the fun :D