About Us.
This is our team.
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Our Love for Gaming

We are gamers since our early youth. Whether spending 2000 hours building medieval towns in Minecraft or watching Astralis win yet another major, gaming has always been a big part of our lives. And although immersing oneself inside a singleplayer experience can be a great way to escape the /r/outside, the majority of our invested time has been the thrill of multiplayer engagements. There is no other comparable interest that makes it easier to gain new friends or ragequit after a particularly bad series of matches. New games are going live every day and there are always new things to discover inside your all-time favorites. Discovering those with your group of online friends will always take a special place in our hearts.

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Our Vision

We want to elevate the esports scene and share the hobby. That's why we are aiming to expand the entry level esports scene by providing truly intuitive access to community-hosted esports tournaments with no need of prior experience. Every pro player started somewhere - we will welcome the aspiring ones.

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Values we Share

Every human deserves the same dignity. This starts at not treating anyone differently just because of their origin, color of skin, gender or other possible differences. For us, it even goes beyond that. We are aiming towards a society in which every person can be themselves without thinking twice about it and empathy is one of its biggest virtues. We are all trying to live our lives in our own way, so why should anyone try to make others' worse? Bottom Line: Don't take life or yourself too seriously, noone is gonna be remembered in 500,000 years anyway.

The Team

Jonathan Noormann
Product Manager
Julian Karhof
Software Engineer
Felix Luplow
Software Engineer
Fred die Flunder#1701
Victor Strickmann
Interaction Designer
Luca Brües
Software Engineer
Enter the ALPHA!
It's a pre-release of the tournament platform currently scheduled for mid 2021. The core features will be implemented and first basic tournaments can be organized for a limited amount of games!
We'll send you an email once everything is ready.
Thank you! Looking forward to more interactions with you!
Oops! You might want to check that address again - or you're gonna miss out on the fun :D